Rich Maskey is a visual artist combining digital media with physical light installations.

His experience working in film and TV as a Director of Photography lead him to develop creative lighting projects using custom computer code and handmade LEDs to create interactive, site-specific installations at festivals, live shows and events. He has been closely involved in the development of Second Circle Theatre, providing their technical support, lighting design and media content.

In response to his own experiences, Rich developed an immersive, interactive installation about mental health and psychosis early in 2017. Set in a gallery space, visitors experienced a live and personal voice hearing simulation derived from the first-hand accounts of those with lived experience. He has a strong interest in innovative ways to engage and communicate with an audience, and prefers working on projects that have a significant message to convey.

Rich has a degree in biosciences and an on-going interest in two major campaign areas; mental health and the way it is communicated in the media, and the health of our oceans. Another significant aspect of his work portfolio is underwater photography and free diving.

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